Why Partner?

Everything you need in an equity partner.

Why Partner With Entropy?


  • A Balanced Financial & Renewable Energy Background
    • Through first-hand experience, our team understands the challenges that developers and project owners face in getting their projects financed.
    • Entropy combines financial expertise with technical knowledge to provide your projects with a straightforward and more balanced approach than traditional sources of finance – increasing your likelihood of achieving success.


  • A Quick and Transparent Investment Process
    • We help to move the financing of projects forward with speed, transparency and ease.
    • Reduce the friction – we are a one-stop-shop for financing projects. We eliminate the long hours, added cost, and overall hassle of using bank financing.


“Entropy is one of the only financiers of anaerobic digestion plants in the US that really get it. They understand what it takes to make financing an AD project a success. We are absolutely delighted with our relationship with Entropy and look forward to collaborating on many other projects. Their process is clear and straightforward. After closing on the financing we went straight to work building the projects.”

-S. Anwar Shareef, CEO, ORBIT ENERGY, INC.


  • Deep Industry Knowledge
    • With an experienced team, your project will receive a wealth of knowledge across the energy equity and capital market sectors.


  • Equity resources and backing from major investment firm
    • As an affiliate of a large global hedge fund Entropy is highly motivated to deploy capital and has the resources to invest in large-scale projects.